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Getting Started with Uber: Rideshare Quickstart Guide

Whether you are looking for flexible work or to supplement your income from your primary job, Uber is an easy and convenient way to do this. If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to starting your driving journey.

Justin C.
Justin C.
Last Updated: 
August 28, 2021


In the past decade, app-based gigwork has greatly increased in popularity due to the emergence of ridesharing giant Uber. Whether you are looking for flexible work or to supplement your income from your primary job, Uber is an easy and convenient way to do this. If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to starting your driving journey.

What is Uber?

Uber is a rideshare company in which you can use to request a trip that is automatically sent to an Uber driver near to you, who will help take you to your destination.


Before getting started, Uber has a set of requirements they ask that all prospective drivers on the platform conform to. Before beginning your application to become a driver, it is important to make sure you conform to all these requirements in order to ensure a smooth application process. 

  • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city 
  • Have a driver's license for at least one year, or three years if you are under 23 
  • Valid U.S. driver’s license
  • You need to have a four door vehicle 
Required Documents 
  • A valid U.S. driver's license 
  • Proof of residency in the state where you plan on driving in
  • Proof of vehicle insurance 
  • A driver profile photo similar to the type of photo on a government or school issued ID 
  • There are some extra documents you need to provide in order for Uber to check your criminal history, these will be covered in a later section of this article
Next Steps

Now that you have collected all your required documents and have ensured that you conform to all of Uber’s driver requirements, you need to download the Uber driver app, or visit the driver page on the Uber website. This is when you will actually be able to sign up to drive.

Step 1:
  • In the driver app or the Uber website, sign up for a driver account using basic information like your email address, phone number, name, and location you will be driving in
  • You can also add an optional referral code, which will be discussed more later in this article 
Step 2:
  • Once you sign up, you will be presented with a menu that will allow you to select the Uber service you want to participate in
  • Obviously, you will want to select the ‘Drive’ option, but you will also be able to select delivery if you chose 
Step 3:
  • After selecting the ‘Drive; option, you will be presented with another menu 
  • This menu will ask you to select between two options pertaining to your vehicle 
  • You will either have a qualified vehicle or require a qualified vehicle 
Step 3A (I have a qualifying vehicle):
  • You will be presented with a Background check screen, where you will be required to enter your social security number as well as scan the same required documents mentioned earlier in this article.
Step 3B (I do not have a qualifying vehicle):
  • If you select this option, you will be directed to a page that will allow you to rent a car from one of Uber’s qualifying partners 
  • The steps here vary based on the partner selected 
Step 4
  • If you selected the rental option for the vehicle choice, sit back and relax. You do not need to do any extra steps that involve Uber.
  • All you need to do now is upload your Profile Photo, Driver’s License, Vehicle Insurance, and Vehicle Registration 
Step 5
  • Wait for your background check to be accepted, and for your documents to be approved.
  • After this, you can begin accepting trips via the Uber driver app.

How Uber Payments Work

With Uber, the earnings you make while driving are automatically transferred to your driver account. This makes it quite convenient to cash out using Instant Pay or transferring funds to a bank account.

Instant Pay
  • Go to the menu icon on the driver app
  • Inside the menu, select earnings, and tap on Cash out to transfer
  • You can then transfer money directly to a debit card, but keep in mind that a 50 cent fee will be applied if you don’t transfer your earnings to an Uber Visa Debit Card
Bank Transfer 
  • Before you can transfer funds to a bank account, you need to link your bank account to your driver app through the Payments menu 
  • In the payments menu, go to the banking tab
  • After this, enter all your bank account details. This should make you all set for transfers.
Justin C.
Justin C.

Justin is a contributing author at GigSpace and currently is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Journalism. He is passionate about the future of work and also delivers for Uber Eats and DoorDash with over 500+ deliveries made.

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